Client experiences

“I am very pleased with the results”

I am a 46 year old woman and have under gone Bailine treatment for three months. I i am very pleased with the results (lost 1,5 dress size), and I’m feeling confident that I will maintain my current weight / the weight will stay off. At first I was sceptical when I saw the website. I do not believe in quick cures or miraculous resources to lose weight. But the Bailine programm excists of solid nutritional advise, and furthermore twice a week a half hour work out / training of your muscles ( through electro pads on your stomach, legs and hips). I did not know that I could learn so much over healthy nutrition! Due to Bailine I have been excersising more ( cycling every day) , and I feel, both through losing weight and by excersising, fitter. I can recommand this programm to everyone.

Mariette Rijswijk

“The free promotional treatment felt good and know, a year on, I have no reason to complain anymore.”

A colleague told me about Bailine, because I was complaining about my overweight causing complaints. The free promotional treatment felt good and know, a year on, I have no reason to complain anymore. My overweight has decreased, lost a lot of centimeters, and my eating pattern has changed. Bailine did not have an easy ride with me, besides the fact I do not like a lot of food I am also stubborn, but she was very patient with me what helped to reach this result. I found the advantages of Bailine the customized personal nutrition advice and working out/ training twice a week while lying on a bed.

Linda de Koning

“Lost 7 kilo’s and a dress size within 10 months”

Lost 7 kilo’s and a dress size within 10 months thanks to the Bailine method and fantastic guidance by Bailine. I am very pleased with the results, also because the weight is stabil since two months. The best thing is that in hindsight it actually has not cost any effort!


“I have finally been able to reach the weight I wanted”

Hello, I am Jacqueline and I am so pleased with the treatments of Bailine Brielle. I have finally been able to reach the weight I wanted. I have lost 7 kilo’s and 31 centimeters in girth. Only a couple more kilo’s to lose and I will have reached my goal and will then continue with the treatments to keep my muscle mass. Alongside the treatments with the pads on my body I also walk outside on a daily basis which I enjoy, as I am not the type to go the gym. I would recommend the Bailine treatments to everyone. Regards, Jacqueline


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