Frequently asked questions about Bailine

Here you will find the answer to the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not mentioned? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will explain how the Bailine method works, what you may expect of us and what results you can achieve.

1. What is computer-controlled muscle stimulation?
Soft pads with electrodes are placed on specific parts of the body, where you want to reduce girth, on the relevant muscles.
The simulator sends electronic pulses through the automated programm. The client can increase the power themself. The pulses stimulate the targeted parts and can
see to it that the muscles contract and relax, making it look like a traditional work out / training.

2. What is BMI?
BMI is the international term for Body Mass Index, which is a measure for the quantity of fat in the body. The goal is to end up within the norm of your age group. Research shows that people with a high BMI have a bigger chance of getting illnesses and injuries, which is caused by being overweight.

3. How often do I need to go to Bailine?
We recommend 2 sessions a week during the first 10 weeks.
In this stage your weight and measurements are registered in the Bailine computer programm and an analyses will determine the regularity of future visites, based on the results.
When you have reached your goal, it wil be recommended that you sign up to our maintenance programm, to preserve your new body shape. A lot of our clientèle combine a traditional work out/ training with their Bailine sessions.

4. Is the treatment uncomfortable? 
The treatment is safe, effective, and not uncomfortable. You will experience a light prickling sensation during the first sessions and your muscles will contract and relax to achieve the desired results. After warming up and getting used to the sensation most clients experience the treatment/ work out as comfortabel and relaxing.

You will determine how strong/ high the electronic pulses are with use of the remote control which you can operate manually. The level of comfort varies per person.

5.How long a treatment session/ work out. 
Your complete Bailine session will take 30 minutes. Your free promotional treatment session will take 45 minutes to an hour.

6. How can I get a programm that is specially develloped for me? 
We will make a figure analyses during your free promotional treatment session. Based on your goals and desired results we will calculate your body type and we will determine the areas that can be improved. Together we will select a programm that is customized for you. During your customized treatment sessions we will follow your progress and if neccessary adjust the programm to reach your goals.

7. What results can I expect? 
We will inform you of the expected results during the free promotional treatment session, based on your personal analyses, your goals and your choice how often the treatments will take place. Most clients will notice after only 5 treatment sessions / work outs measurable results. Ask us about the “money back” guarantee (see question below) to see if you are eligible!

8. What does the the “money back” guarantee entail?
To receive a written “ money back” guarantee, you must meet a number of requirements:

  • you will have to elect / nominate the “money back” guarantee, during the free promotional treatment, register and pay for the first 10 treatment sessions / work outs.
  • You will have to buy 10 treatment sessions.
  • These sessions must take place twice a week, during 5 consecutive weeks.
  • Your BMI should be 25 or bigger.
  • You may not gain weight during this 5 week period
  • You may not train with weights during the first 5 weeks

9. Will Bailine sessions be reimbursed by my health insurance?
As we are also weight consultants it might be possible to get ( a part of) your treatment sessions reimbursed by your additional insurance. Check the list “vergoedingen zorgverzekeringen 2018” or get in contact with us and we will check it for you.

10. Free promotional treatment session
Get in contact with us today an start losing centimeters and weight by schedulling a free promotional Bailine treatment. Your qualified Bailine therapist will carry out a complete, automised figure analyses.
Based on your goals and desired results she will suggest a treatment plan and will indicate what results you may expect. You will also receive a free 30 minute Bailine session, in which our automized Bailine muscle simulator will be used. You can determine yourself, after your session, how effective the Bailine method is! The only thing you need to do is lose centimeters!

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