Back in shape after your pregnancy? Bailine will help you reach your goal!

The benefits of Bailine after a pregnancy:

  • Faster recovery after physical discomforts as back pain, pelvic floor instability and weakened back- and abdominal muscles
  • Little effort and time investment
  • More energy
  • ‘Back in shape’ faster
  • Would you like to lose more kilo’s? We will also help you with the right nourishment


During the pregnancy you will feel and see your body changing. This is a beautiful and special process! Hormones are raging through your body, this does a lot with your emotions and body! This is part of it and is a natural and special process!

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After the birth

The birth is often a special and emotional experience. Both mind and body will need to recover from the birth. Recovery is often hard as there is this little bundle of joy that needs you more. Frequently help is assured by professionals ( kraamzorg ‘t zonnetje?) family and friends, but you would rather do it by yourself. This first period is beautiful, special but also difficult!
You will reach that moment when you are missing the energy you had before the pregnancy, you do not recognize your body and want to make time for yourself!
At the same time you are trying to find your way as ‘everything’ in your life has changed.
Giving birth is often accompanied with some physical discomfort. During the pregnancy the back- and abdominal muscles are stretched to make way for your child. Besides your body needing time and energy to recuperate, there is also often the situation of your weekened back- and abdominal muscles which will show through lower back pain. Pelvic floor instability is also not uncommon to occur and show during pregnancy ( link)
Often the doctor informs you that you may start training after 6 to 8 weeks! This is also the moment you may start at Bailine for the abdominal- and back muscles without straining them and firming them as well as getting your stomach tighter. You will be back in shape in no time or in even better shape....:-)
Do you need help recuperating faster after your pregnancy of the physical inconveniences due to the pregnancy and get ‘back in shape’? Try out a free treatment and schedule your appointment with one of our Bailine studio’s and experience the possibilities.

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