Bailine Natural facelift

A natural facelift! It is possible through the Bailine method. Besides the body treatment it is also possible to get your face in tip top condition, looking fresh and smooth.
The principle of the treatment is similar to the body treatment, although now thousands of little pulses create tension and relaxation of the facial muscles, as well as the neck and (double) chin. Causing:

  • Reinforces the skin
  • Stimulates the blood circulation
  • Reduces the double chin
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Reinforces the jaw
  • Ensures a fresh and healthy appearance

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Facelift without an operation

The facial skin determines what age you look like. Is your skin still tight or are there already signs of deterioration? It is either difficult or costly to get rid off saggy skin. Everyone desires an accessible solution for a frail skin, crow’s feet, wrinkles around the mouth or eyes. Bailine offers an efficient treatment for skin rejuvenation and reduction of wrinkles.

How does this reduce my wrinkles?

The Bailine facial stimulator works out your facial muscles, in order for the tension of the skin to get tighter. We improve the elasticity of your facial skin, neck and (double) chin and stimulate the collagen production. This allows for a natural facelift which will have your face shine bright again! After only 10 treatments you will see a noticeable difference! Your skin will become more elastic and the wrinkles become less. A safe and natural way for a tighter, glowing and healthy skin!

More informatie

Bailine is more than figure shaping. We will be happy to give you additional advise and extra support. Find out yourself about the effect and results of a natural facelift at Bailine.

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