Bailine Nutrition advice

Good eating habbits are the base for a healthy and responsabele lifestyle. We will give you more insight into your current food choices and will give you tips and guidance with making healthier choices. Furthermore you will receive our ‘Bailine book’, in which everything you hear and experience at Bailine as well as the whole method is described. This way you can read through everything once more, you are supported by Bailine even at home!

  • Break through eating habbits
  • Become more consious of nutrition
  • Personal guidance
  • Possible compensation by your health insurance

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No strict dieting

Dieting is not a lasting solution for a lot of women who would like to loose weight. With dieting the muscle mass is often reduced instead of fat mass. When you start eating ‘normal’ again a lot of fat mass is produced again. The ratio in your body gets more and more out of balance and your metabolism also gets out of balance, which causes weight gain and a more disproportioned body. With Bailine’s nutritional advises you will learn to consiously handle food. No strict dieting, but breaking through bad habbits. How, when and what do you actually eat daily? Get to know yourself and your pattern. This is why we offer support that is very personal.

How does nutritional support help you?

We do not promote fast dieting or starving yourself. A diet might offer a short term solution. But after a while you will inevitably fall back in your old (eating) habbits. Healthy and balanced variety of your meals will make healthy eating stay surprising and nice! With this we strive for a lasting result!

More than nutritional advise

The support from Bailine is more than nutritional advise. During the first 5 weeks you will receive all or support and encouragement you will need. We will introduce you to the so called macro nutrients, otherwise known as the nutrients our body need. You will learn what, which nutrients means to your body and help you subsequently to find the precise balance, variation and quantity of nutrients which connects with your lifestyle. Within 5 weeks we will find out together how you will be able to loose weight (mainly fat mass) in a healthy way.

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