Strenghtening your arm muscles

Strong, tight and muscular arms? This is also possible at Bailine! At Bailine we can focus training the biceps and triceps! Gone are the ‘bingo wing’ arms!

As we grow older the firmness and muscle mass deteriorate and the upper arms slowly get weeker

Training our arm muscles in the gym are not our favorite. It costs a lot of time, energy and strength which we would rather spend on the other muscle groups. But in the meanwhile our bingo wing arms get bigger! HELP!

Bailine has a simple way to train your biceps and triceps. In only 10 minutes (comparable to a 40 minute work out in the gym!) we will train your biceps and triceps and get the results fast through our electro stimulation!

More information

Bailine is more than figure shaping. We will be happy to give you additional advise and extra support. Find out yourself how efficient the work out and the result of our special arm treatment is at Bailine. Try out a free treatment session, without any obligation!

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